Colour-Pairing Guide for Men Fashion

Being fashionable is an understatement. Be it Millennials, Gen Z or Baby Boomers, everybody tries to take their fashion game to the top. Nobody is scared to experiment with fashion, especially this generation.

One thing that every person strives for and that lies to their interest is fashion. Fashion has changed the lookout for people and the way they look at each other. There is so much pressure to be poignant and fashionable all the time.

Men, especially, are seen loving this roller coaster of a ride. They might have limited fashion choices, but they don't fail to make full use of it. A right mindset, clothing choices and color schemes can do wonders. It will make any man look attractive and grab all the attention.

Did you know that choosing the type of clothes is simpler than actually choosing the color for it? Of course, all the men out there would have faced the utter dismay to mix and match their outfits. A color wheel can be a little overwhelming, disheartening and irritating to deal. But you got to do what you got to do.

Not everybody can pull off green and red as Santa Claus did. So, let's dive into the color combination. It can feel harmonious and gives the boost of confidence that is needed for men while dressing up.

Knowing about color wheels can speak a lot about your knowledge of shades and style.

Go Monochromatic

Wondering it means? Going monochromatic is going out with one particular colour. Not to forget it is one colour top to bottom with different hues, tints and shades to make it look dapper. Men usually opt for black colour to go monochrome or more preferably "All black" look.

Why go for such a look? Because it is easy to choose from. You limit your colour palette, which makes it easier to select options. For most men, who wants to keep it subtle in their way, monochromatic look is a way for them.

Men can go monochromatic, especially in the classic menswear. Going with an all-black, blue or grey can seem lavish and impress people out there. It depends on how well men use these colors to pair them up according to their skin tone.

Neutrals All the Way

A man's wardrobe is incomplete without having neutrals in them. Neutrals as to everybody's surprise are colors that don't appear on the traditional color wheel. They are black, white, grey and off-white colors like beige and khaki.

Series of neutrals are the easiest to work with. Men with any skin tone needn't worry or feel insecure when using such colors. The whole purpose of neutrals is to let the men pair it up with different colors and make them look stylish.

To make it easier, men can have few clothing items in neutral that can amp up. Have a white jean, white sneakers, grey jeans, neutral knitwear (beige, khaki) and so on. These are the basics men need in their life.

Don't Stereotype Pinks

Beginning from early stages, pink is a color that is always stereotyped to be worn by women. But the important point is that men find it a difficult option to style. They are so unsure about it that the only option they have is to leave them aside.

Not any more, pinks are getting back into fashion breaking all the shackles. It might be a slow process for men to get used to it, but it is not too far. To start with, men can always try light shades of pink to break into the hue.

What colors can men pair up with them? You can pair your pink garment with blue, white, grey, tan or beige. A lighter shade of pink is a versatile color to style with. Once you are comfortable with it, you can then use vibrant hues to pair up your pinks.

Bold and Neutral – A Killer Combination

Bold and Neutral – A Killer Combination

It surely dates back to long pairing up of colors. What can be believed, is dated back to tradition to mix and match colors? Men can always do that to look stylish and comfortable in the attire.

It can seem a bit stressing to choose colors like burgundy or red and how to style them. But neutrals are the answer to it. The easiest way is to choose a lighter tone shade with darker hues. For example, to break up any black outfit other than monochrome, you can use colors like white, pink and light blue.

Go Deep with Navy

Go Deep with Navy

Navy instantaneously makes men look luxurious. It is one such color that can bring that oomph factor into a men's wardrobe. Like black, you can never go wrong with Navy. It is a treat to watch a man wear color.

But it is a risky color if not combined with perfect color. If you want to dress up in a classic men's wear, and bored with the usual black and white, you can opt for this color. To break it off, you can use a white shirt to cut off the monochrome. Surprisingly, you can also use a light pink shirt, a versatile color to gently blend colors.

Additionally, touches of maroon or red can also complement the navy.


Men's fashion can sound simple but is very tricky. Their limited options pose a challenge in front of them to use it to the fullest. Style does matter, but not in comparison to the comfort that the clothes give you and how the color complements you.

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