What Should Men Wear on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Have all you men out there decided to earn those extra brownie points by your significant other? How are you going to do that? Taking him or her out on a subtle dinner? Rocking the dance floor of pubs? Movie night? Or for those adventurous couples; going for a hike?
All of this is perfect? But did you come up to a conclusion about flabbergasting your valentine with all your fashion intel? It is easier said than done. Majority of the men keep their outfit decision towards last minute. Does it work that way?
But we do have a solution for all you lazy lads. Giving up all the ideas in here to help you bifurcate between dressing up right or wrong. Appropriate or disproportionate. So, here is the chance to take these tips on moving ahead and making the day special.
Let us crack this code together by jumping right into the tips and tricks on how to leave a lasting impression on your valentine or what should men wear on Valentine’s day? Does it sound fun? Because it is going to change the way you look at dressing up.

Layer It Up

Indeed, a great choice. If you are somebody who loves going on quiet, nice and cosy dinner, get that reservation of your favorite restaurant right away. You do not want to miss out on that. Since you might reserve a table for two, you do not want to go wrong on your outfit.
This is the best way to rise and shine for such a special occasion. Make sure to layer it up. Layering if done right can take you miles ahead. One mistake that men usually make is by making their ensemble too formal. It is not a job interview or an award function, so loosen it up.
You give yourself a dapper look, you can always opt for the slim-fitting black tuxedo or a charcoal suit. Give a spin to your monochromatic look. And if suiting up can kill you, maybe go for classic beige, nay or black chinos, with a crisp shirt and a coat or jacket.

After-Work Date

Working through the day, and showing up for date can be a task. You might be so tired that dressing up can seem almost impossible. But you can not take a step back. You can not screw up the memorable night for your date.
We understand you would want to keep it casual and quiet. You can still make it up and put an effort to dress for Valentine’s Day.
To dress up, you can aim for smarter end casuals to retain to the occasion. So, going to a dance floor or drink date would not want you to layer it up. Go ahead with classic chinos or dark jeans along with a suede jacket under. Or you can also choose flannel trousers, denim and style it up with solid crisp cotton/printed shirt. You can ace the look with stylish and dapper boots.

Casual and Laid Back

If you plan to avoid going mainstream with your concept of dates during Valentine, it is absolutely fine. Do you like keeping your dates casual? But by casual we mean, going for a movie, a coffee date, long drives or walking in a park where you can spend hours talking and enhancing the bond.
It does not give you the leeway of not dressing up and making it ordinary like every other time. Efforts are what matters. It might sound cliche, but it is one time to have your somebody special around. Thus, making it worth the time, effort and money.
Being ordinary means going with clothes that can be extra comfy, yet stylish. Choose nice and creaseless jeans, sweatpants or joggers, along with a nice t-shirt, sweatshirt or a jacket to top. Wear shoes that can bind your entire outfit.

Get an Edge Up

Sometimes you would want to ditch the usual boring date plans and try something adventurous. A completely new place for both of them. The adrenaline rush to decode shoots up the excitement.
By now you might be bored with those usual date night outfits and want to spice up the ensemble and occasion. Imagine walking into a bar, finding a girl and turning it into a date night. Probably a dream of every single man out there. Quite a night, it might turn out to be.
How do you achieve all that? Focus on the dress to impress now. So, maybe add distressed dark denim to your list, with a V-neck, round or a polo neck along with distressedet to k leather jacknock the outfit to another notch. But do not forget, a perfect pair of shoes because, trust us, it gets noticed.

Minimalism is the Key

Valentine’s Day does not usually have to be about going out for fancy dinners, to the bars dancing it till your heel hurt, adventure freaks, casual ones finding chances to go out. It can also mean sitting at home, cooking a meal and spending quality time together.
Relaxing yourself down and letting things out can make both of you vulnerable, but form a strong connection. Staying in does not mean you dress down. You still have efforts to build and leave an impression to last. Does not mean you ditch better clothes and choose your boxers.
What can you possibly do? You might choose sweatpants, jeans or drawstring trousers to give a relaxed yet comfortable look. Pair it up with a lightweight t-shirt and funky socks to make it look chic.


Men do feel various emotions and want to make every occasion as perfect as possible. They put in blood, sweat and tears to make it the most memorable days. They make dressing up seriously leaving a lasting impression on others. You do not need an occasion to dress up, but the zeal to dress up.

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