Different Types of Formal Pants

What is one of the worst nightmares a man can ever have? Any guesses? It is probably; being unable to find the right type of pants for themselves, more so loose-fitting pants that can put off people around them.

Imagine being dressed up for a date or a meeting and finding out the pants would not fit you or worn suitable pants? Is that thought putting you off too?

Being comfortable yet stylish in the clothes you wear can be exhilarating. Men do not want to have a fashion faux-pas of any means. They make sure they are pretty clear in their head before putting all the pieces together.

Shirts can be well-sorted, but handling pants are a little tricky. Pants lay as a foundation to the entire outfit. They are underrated of their importance. They almost act as a background dancer who holds the act together.

With the right type and fit of pants, a man can feel confident and comfortable and leave an impression like no one else. But for such an act, we need to know the various types of pants, so that they can select outfits accordingly.

A style guide is all they need to ace that stylish dapper look, so they succeed in a meeting, adventure, or even that light striking date.

Let us jump into the guide consisting numerous types of formal pants.

Casually Formal! - Chinos


On the days, when you are unsure and what to take things just as it is, why not go for Chinos? These can seem very casual, but when paired right can give that perfect look - one of the most versatile pieces found in a men's wardrobe.

They have lightweight material which makes it breathable and provides comfort. When you want to dress up for a bit, black, navy, and charcoal-darker colours work. If you plan to give it a breezy look, go for colours that are not very strong. Opt for colours like green, white and more.

Heavenly Match - Slim-Fit Trouser


Men and slim fit trousers seem like a match made in heaven. If there is a chance you want to spice up your outfit, these formal pants are a go-to. They are chic and still manage to look modern and put together. Even as separate, they work wonders.

All you men need is the right tailor who can tailor them according to your build. But the key is to not make it too tight. Then your comfort will come crashing down. You can go for darker colours like black, navy and pair them up with a blazer, but don’t be afraid to go with light colours while going easy.

Easy-Peasy Pairing - Wool Trousers


It is time to say goodbye to your jeans and hello to wool trousers when you are looking for something easy to pair. These pants give a more sophisticated and formal look if styled fairly. Wool trousers are usually heavy. Virgin wool, Mohair, Flannel and Gabardine are types of wool used in making these trousers.

Which colours can suit best? Designers and bloggers usually opt for colours like grey, dark blue and brown to pair their shirts with. Black in the line can be the last option. Pair it up with a nice blazer and loafer and you’ll look classic.

Back in Time - Relaxed Leg Trousers


Are you one among them who can’t do skinny leg trousers? Then, the relaxed-leg trousers are an escape for you. Dated back to the ’50s, it has made its mark and stood untouched through times. They are wide and fit perfectly for every day.

Getting the length right can be tricky. It should fall right at the feet one-fold. These formal pants are a steal for all the men looking for something to wear all day. It is a versatile piece, so how you style moulds it for the occasion. Pair it up with a shirt and a tie or sneakers, and sweatshirt men have the outcome.

The Extra Cut! - Cropped Trousers


Cropped trousers add an edgy look to men’s outfits. In case you missed showing off your extravagant socks, this is your chance.

It is upon you to have them rolled up or buying these trousers right where they fall at your ankle. The key is to cuff your pants at the right length. For a much formal look, add a nice shirt and a blazer. And Voila, you are acing the look already.

Back to the Basics - Pleated Trousers


This is going back to the basics. It is a vintage and timeless piece in the wardrobe of a man. They don’t lack versatility. They come back to style time and again, so save up some pairs of them already.

Pairing them right can help you achieve a classic look. You can always roll up your shirt sleeves to give it a basic yet chic look. But what about formals? Go back to the basics!

Breaking Stereotypes - Joggers or Sweatpants


Have you always imagined joggers to be a piece of clothing that is chill and casual? Joggers are not just for Insta bloggers. They are comfortable. Slimline joggers bridge the gap between tracksuit and standard work trouser.

When you do not want to look laid back, you can always team up these joggers with a blazer, shirt and bomb accessories and amp up your fashion game. Just sit back wearing the outfit with a shower of compliments.


Every man has a style of their own which differs and showcases their personality. Being fashionable does not mean wearing commendable clothes, accessories and shoes. It needs to reflect the kind of person you are.

Finding the right kind of pants is one of the baby steps taken in your world of fashion. Experiment, but do not shy away, trust in yourself, and you will pull it off with ease.

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