How to Style Clothes for Men Shorter than 5 Feet?

Putting aside fashion is a tricky concept for all, especially for men, who are far from keeping up with the trends and leaning towards basics. All they crave for is fashion as simple as their life.
One factor that always matters in fashion is how tall or short you are for the clothes to fit, and the depth and dimensions that they add. Among these are short heightened men who someway cut slack for themselves and suffer from great fashion disasters.
Being short-height is not a bane. It is genetic where no one is to blame. We have no control over our height, but what we are in control of is how we can enhance our appearance and flatter out the build, not making us look shorter.
Clothes are either working for or against us, but they are still working. So, all we can do is make our way forward and make this work for ourselves in an even better way. In case you lose direction, the following tips and put you right back on track.

Avoid Loose-Fitting Garments

Avoid- Loose-Fitting -Garments

Everybody would have stressed enough this particular aspect of styling. Loose fitted garments will only make a short man look like a bad full of clothes with no dimensions. The whole idea behind this is to trim the fat. If a man wears loose garments, it will make them look even shorter.
It doesn’t necessarily mean wearing slim-fit clothes. The idea behind this is to wear clothes that give structure to the body and are comfortable to stay. Sleeves that don’t fall off your shoulders, jeans that don’t stack up on top of shoes, shirts that don’t wear like tents are some of the examples of how fit clothes should be.

The Unavoidable – Stripes and Patterns

The -Unavoidable – Stripes and- Patterns

Stripes and patterns have been the talk that has never gone out of trend. It is never really an area of concern or should give second thoughts. It has a huge emphasis on style and makes a tremendous difference to men’s fashion games. They are one such trend to be handled with care and then you’ll flourish.
Short men should avoid horizontal lines, for obvious reasons. But then what matters is the size of the stripes, so work your way hard and smart. What is even more obvious is vertical stripes as they can make men look tall.
That’s why gingham shirts use mini gingham patterns and not a large pattern. It is all in the details.

Medium and High Waisted Pants

Medium- and -High- Waisted -Pants

One piece of garment that needs a stressing over for men with short height is high waisted pants. We all know the magic it does to the entire outfit. Men with short height should swear by this piece of clothing.
The mid-rise length rests between the naval and the hip to balance the upper and lower body. Whereas, high rise rests at the normal waistline. This is a tip that is a real gem and should be religiously followed. Wearing high waisted pants will naturally make the legs appear taller. If you add on a shirt and tuck in, it is the icing on the cake.

Look into Colours

Look- into- Colours

Playing with colours while pairing up an outfit is an exciting thing to do. But it won’t take long enough for men to go wrong with it. Colours that might look good on screen would look unmatched in real life.
The best way is to wear clothes with low contrast. When dressing up concerning height, it is important to maintain proportion and simplicity. It is better to choose an outfit with the colours of the same family. It will increase the length of a man’s silhouette.
However, the rule of thumb suggests shorter men go with monochromatic colours. It could make way for styling in those stylish blues and pastels for that matter.
Wear proportionate accessories
Even though it doesn’t go with clothes, it is still one crucial tip to be taken care of. For the overall size of the frame and not just height, it completes the entire look giving meaning to it. The idea is to wear accessories that are proportionate to a men’s size. So, accessories like a tie, watch, glasses and so on are included.

Tailored-Made Clothes for the Go

Tailored-Made- Clothes -for- the- Go

The best tip is saved for the last. We can’t emphasize enough the need for that one life-saving tailor who knows your structure, style and dimensions the best. A good tailor is surely a blessing in disguise.
One thing that men wouldn’t have to worry about is if they would look like a bag of potatoes. The moment of worry vanished because the tailor didn't let the shirt be too baggy, pants too close and a suit jacket not below the knee. A custom-tailored suit will always make a man look good whether they are tall, slim or broad.


Height should never be a factor to scrap a person’s confidence. A man is confident only when he wears clothes that he is happy and comfortable with. The world of fashion can seem rigid but can give a platform for men out there to explore.
The right tips and tricks can add value to their lives and change the whole of their perspective. It will eliminate the complex they experience and come out as “knights of shining armour”.

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