How to Pair Blazers with Casual Clothes?

Do you love a great suit? Do you wish you had the opportunity to wear a stunning blazer everywhere you went regardless of the time or occasion and without coming off as creepy? What if we told you, we got your back?
Yes! You can undoubtedly wear your blazers to regular social gatherings and not just formal meetings and interviews. However, it does take a bit of mix and match of clothes to get the right blend of style.
In the last few years, wearing blazers over casual clothes has become extraordinarily popular, particularly in the west. So, if you are still in the struggling phase of finding out how to pair blazers with casual clothes and how to pull off the supposedly impossible, keep reading as we break it down just for you!


Casual Classic – Blazers with Raw Denim Pants

Casual-Classic – Blazers-with-Raw-Denim-Pants

The raw denim pants are an elegant pair of jeans by themselves. Blazers are elegant as they were intended to be. That is one of the many reasons why they both can go well together!
You could pair a dark blue pair of jeans pants with a simple grey blazer over a clean white buttoned-down shirt without a tie. And for your bottom half, you can opt for a simple black faux leather belt and navy blue or black sneakers without a lot of designs.
This makes for a perfect look for simple meetings, an impulsive shopping spree at the mall or a nice date with your significant other.
Overall, if you are looking for a safe bet when you go out, a look that is casual yet slightly dressed up, then blazers with raw denim pants are the way to go!

Upbeat Elegance – Dark Blazers with White Casual Pants

A plain white or off-white pair of chinos or jeans are always graceful and bold. Yet, they are never even mistaken to be a part of a formal outfit thereby making them an article of easy casual clothing. On top, wear a simple blazer that is dark in colour to accentuate the contrast. You could try on dark blue, olive green or jet-black blazers.
Underneath your blazers, consider wearing the same colour shirt or t-shirt as the blazer but of a toned-down shade. This creates a nice balance of contrast by being in between the blazer and the pant.
Finally, for the shoes, a simple pair of suede loafers complete the look.

Street Smart – Blazers with Tees and Light Wash Pants

Street Smart – Blazers -with -Tees - and - Light -Wash -Pants

T-shirts are typically the first thing to pop into most people's minds when they think about casual clothing options. So, how can you compliment your casual t-shirt looks with the classiness of your blazers?
The best way to rock any t-shirt underneath your blazer is to pair it with a light wash denim and simple non-perforated sneakers.
When wearing blazers with such a combination, keep in mind to not button up all the way. The best way to carry it is by pulling up the blazer sleeves halfway (do not roll them, but pull them) and not buttoning them at all. Complement your dark blazer with a dark t-shirt and light blazers with a light t-shirt along with a slim fit pant.
An additional tip to rock this look would be to go for an unstructured type of blazer.

Let it Rip – Blazer with Rugged Textured Casuals

Let it - Rip – Blazer - with - Rugged -Textured- Casuals

Another x-factor about casual clothes is their sometimes-rugged look. So, how do you pull off wearing a blazer on top of ripped jeans?
For this look, you should consider wearing a brown or other dark-coloured blazers along with a contrasting and simple linen shirt over ripped jeans. The dark colour of the blazer blends with the ruggedness of the linen shirt and mixes perfectly with the look and feel of your ripped jeans.
Finally, in order to complete the look, put on a pair of tanned sneakers.
Another thing to note in this look is that you do not necessarily have to wear a belt because you should inevitably leave your shirt untucked.

Knight in the Night – Blazers with All-Black Casuals

Let’s admit it. All-black clothes are a niche of their own. As casual as they may be, they hardly ever fail to make heads turn. To further accentuate this extraordinary look, wear a stunning and edgy dark blazer.
To be more specific, go with a dual-colour blazer, like a navy blue one with black collars. Pair this with a plain solid black t-shit and jet black skinny or slim fit jeans.
You may accessorize your neck and wrists with silver chains and bracelets.
Finish the look with a pair of dark Chelsea boots.
The outfit will radiate class and great vibes, making for the perfect selection for night parties, clubs, house parties, casino nights and more!


Now, do you feel confident enough to wear blazers with your casual clothes? Are you now on the hunt for some wacky outfits? Check out Venfield’s collection today! For more fashion tips read our other blogs.

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