Why H-Eco Technology is Perfect for Summer Wardrobe

Chennai's summer can be quite unforgiving. With so many measures to beat the heat, there's one thing that has remained constant – a wardrobe shuffle. Warmer weather demands a complete switch in wardrobe, serving as an opportunity to experiment, flaunt different styles, and add the hits to the summer collection. Venfield has presented an easier way to switch your wardrobe with the H-Eco Technology-based summer clothing line that is comfortable to face the scorching sun yet stylish with popping summer colors. What makes H-Eco a perfect option for your summer wardrobe? Let’s find out.

Moisture Wicking 

Moisture- Wicking

If you are someone who observes the fabric detailing of your attires, you will encounter "moisture wicking" as a pointer in many activewear clothes. The moisture-wicking fabric is designed to evade sweating from the clothes. It quickly moves the sweat to the fabric surface, preventing absorption that causes the body to stick to it. The second function is to dry the sweat rapidly, so it doesn't saturate the fabric. It helps you stay more comfortable as your body can regulate its temperature and your clothes have a dry, non-sticky feel. While you might not be working out, a walk under the sun is a reason good enough for choosing an attire that is moisture wicked.

Rich Cotton Fabric 

Rich- Cotton -Fabric

Cotton, the soft fluffy fiber, is perfect for all climates, but it is often associated with summer. It is widely loved and worn as the natural fiber allows the air to move and circulate at ease through the fabric, making the heat more tolerable. It also gives away sweat, making the fabric stick to the body. What if we can negate that? The fiber just hit perfection. Cotton fabrics are specially treated to gain moisture-wicking properties, making them the perfect option this summer. You will be wearing a soft, durable, non-sticky attire that is easy to care for.

Breezy and Breathable 

Breezy- and- Breathable

We prefer to wear relaxed, baggy clothes over tight-fitting ones during summer. The cut and fit of H-Eco clothes give extra arm room, perfectly complementing the summer theme. Another important factor that makes or breaks an attire’s way into the summer special is the fabric. The ultra-light cotton fabric is designed to bring in extreme comfort and act as a second skin. While soft, airy, and light as a breeze, the fabric still feels significantly rich on your skin. The exceptional lightness and breathability of the fabric also allow quick drying while maintaining the chillness on the inside.

Versatile Options 


Versatile -Options

An ideal wardrobe holds options that fit various occasions – from partywear to formal meeting attire. The H-Eco Technology-based clothing has a wide range of varieties lined up to suit different styles. Whether you are someone who plays it cool with a neat and tidy V-Neck T-shirt or keeps it casual and dapper with Polo T-shirts, there’s an option for you.
If you are digging the pastel shirts which are a big hit, you can opt for the H-Eco Shirts that are available in different color pops. You can choose to pair it with chinos and go for a semi-formal look, or crop it up to trousers and walk down to the beach with trendy sunglasses.

Feeling ready to soak up in the sun in style with the H-Eco Technology? Head over to Venfield’s Freeze the Summer product line to explore the amazing options of shirts and t-shirts and purchase them right away. The perfect fabric and seamless stitching make it a durable option for your summer wardrobe.

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