When 7 is a Charm: The Seven hues every man should have in his wardrobe

From the executives of Silicon Valley to those across the world in Asia, people across the world have found great utility, style, and class in t-shirts. This humble, yet smart piece of garment is exceptionally versatile, comfortable and pairs very well with other outfits. While some of us prefer the semi-formal collared t-shirts, others may like their crew-necked counterparts. No matter what, the t-shirt is an essential and ubiquitous part of every man’s wardrobe.

What colour do you choose?

T-shirts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. While the choice of size and shape depends on the person, and their personal preferences, respectively; the choice of colour depends on the occasion. Here is Venfield’s round-up on 7 quintessential colours that have to find place in every wardrobe:

Boundless Black:

Boundless -Black:

The Black t-shirt is the most used item of clothing in a man’s wardrobe. When paired with a blazer or a coat, and trousers it lends the wearer a formal charm. On the other hand, if you choose to wear the same t-shirt with floral shorts, you will look extremely causal. Versatility is the word that best describes black, it looks great, does not get dirty easily and makes the wearing look very stylish!

Bright in White:

Bright- in- White:

If you are looking for a colour that will literally match with every and any accessory you have, white is the colour you must have. A white t-shirt pairs effortlessly with sneakers, watches, sunglasses, formal shoes, plaid jackets, denims, and what not. It is very handy and can be your go-to t-shirt, with literally any shorts/trousers and accessory.

Grey and Glamourous:

Grey- and- Glamourous:

With the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and many other C-suite executives endorsing this colour as everyday wear, grey is soon becoming the new black! Perceived to be more formal than other colours, grey can literally make people turn around and notice you when worn with the right combination of accessories.

Ravishing Red:

Ravishing -Red:

Be a showstopper in a red t-shirt. While this colour is generally not considered to be formal, dark red has a charm, that attenuates features. It will make you look dapper and will pair well will denims in different shades of blue. Red makes a great semi-formal colour and helps you stand out from the crowd too.

Brown and Maroon:

Brown -and -Maroon:

Considered to be warm colours, brown and maroon have an earthly appearance, which lends a sense of authenticity, and simplicity to the person. It gives the person a classy, yet simple and down to earth appearance. A marron or brown t-shirt, when paired with denim shorts or chinos gives the outfit a sporty appearance. White pants on the other hand, are more suited for an informal dinner or date.

Naturally Olive Green :

Naturally- Olive -Green

Olive green and its darker counterpart jungle green have long been associated with the armed forces. White it isn’t as versatile as black and white, olive green pairs exceptionally well with beige and khaki. If you are looking to attend an outdoor event where you will be photographed, olive green is the colour you should wear. It subtly blends in with nature, and makes you stand out in backgrounds where the sky is visible, making it the perfect shade for the outdoors.

Blown away in Blues:

Blown -away- in -Blues

No matter whether it is teal, turquoise, or azure, a blue t-shirt is a must have in every wardrobe. Like olive green, most shades of blue appear bright and make you look great in outdoor events. The extra brownie point in favour of blue is that it looks extremely great in an indoor setting too. While other shades of blue may not seem formal, navy blue is versatile and can transform into a formal colour when paired with the right blazer and trousers.

The magic number 7:

It is said that most people wear 7 outfits 90% of the time. While we cannot be sure why the number is exactly 7, it might be correlated to the fact that people prefer to do their laundry once a week. No matter what, Venfield’s 7 colour suggestion is a ready reckoner you can have when you intend to spruce up your wardrobe.
Pair any of these t-shirts with denims, khakis, or beige pants (or shorts for informal occasions), and you are ready to rock the world.

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