Traditional wear ideas for men to try out this Pongal in 2021

Pongal, a harvest festival in South India, is known to bring out the traditional and cultural richness of the Tamil community. This holiday season is marked with traditional food, traditional rituals, and indeed, traditional attire.
One of the newer traditions seen in organizations across the city is the encouragement of traditional wear within the employees. No matter what faith or religion they follow, they bring their colours out and come in their traditional best.
While some know their roots and nail their Pongal outfits, some need a little assistance.
Venfield’s new contra-colour collection has a ton of new options that will help you in your pursuit of the perfect traditional attire. Here are a few amazing ideas for men to try this Pongal.

Golden Hue For A Shinier You

This is a combination chosen by people with a little more flair towards the festival and the status in the society. Gold as a colour is often associated with the South Indian culture, and shiny golden shirts are actually very common during festivities, marriages, and other big events.
The Sunset Yellow shirt from Venfield’s Contra Colour collection is what can work really well in this aspect. With the same shiny aspect and a high quality fabric, the shirt is a must have in your traditional wardrobe.



A more modern style to dress up for Pongal is with a solid colour shirt. And to start with, one of the most popular choices has to be Red. Venfield’s collection of Contra Colour Shirts has 3 options for different shades of Red that can go really well on the Pongal Day. The Brick Red shade is enough to make you stand out of the crowd in this festive season.

The Great Green Grind


With the Pongal celebration going on in full swing, there is greenery everywhere. Green signifies the crops, plants and the harvest and can be seen used in decorations at homes, offices, and all over the state.
And with the Venfield’s Parakeet Green and Robin Egg shirt to pair with your traditional attire, blend in the crowd perfectly and look your authentic best.

Beat the Blues with Blue


For a more informal and casual option, most people go for blue. It gives more relaxed vibes and makes you comfortable. It is also a great pairing for traditional wear during the festive season.
Venfield gives you 2 options to go for if you prefer blue as your companion. Cobalt Blue and Arctic Blue can change the game this festive season and sort all your worries to be comfortable, casual, relaxed, yet traditional.

Orange Is The New Black


Orange is a more go-to colour in terms of casual wear these days. It is the new preference people are going for in all walks of their life, and the case is no different in terms of traditional wear.

This is why one of the perfect festive options for men could be the feisty Tiger Orange shirt with elegant brown borders all around it. It brings out a smart personality and gives you a comfortable look all day long.

Unconventional Pink


Festival time calls to go for a path different from usual. And to go bold and fancy, the Rogue Pink shirt in Venfield’s arsenal is just the attire you might be looking form. Pongal’s traditional attire is known for people opting for shiny shirts with bold colors, so pink would be the perfect new fit in your traditional wardrobe.

Don’t go for its unconventional and modern look; you will only know it when you wear it.
 Venfield’s collection of Contra Colour shirts come in many dashing colours that give you a wide variety of shirts to choose from. They are made of 100% Giza cotton, perfect for the summer weather. And the sateen weaving gives it a smooth finish and makes the fabric more breathable, and comfortable.
 All in all, Pongal is a festival that is revered all over Tamil Nadu, and at the end of the day, it is a festival to remember the harvest and the cultural backbone of the state, farmers. So get clicking and get shopping for your attire for the big day with Venfield. With Venfield’s new festive collection of Contra Colour shirts, your choices for the perfect shirt over your Veshti are endless! Celebrate your Pongal with your friends and family, and enjoy the festive season with style, class, and those few extra holidays!

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