The Next Big Thing In Formal Dresses For Men

Men’s fashion has witnessed a fluid evolution over the years. The number of options available to men to look dapper has multiplied a great deal. From humble origins as being nothing more than fancy coats and suits, to concepts such as business casual and athleisure. Today, the best formal dresses for men are a force to reckon with in the world of fashion.

The Formal Angle

Men’s formal fashion is usually considered to be sacrosanct. What men are dictated to wear depends on the dress code, with very little leeway for any kind of experimentation. In recent times, there has been some respite for men’s formal fashion. Instinctively, these are the options that come to mind when picturing men’s formal wear from a broad perspective.

Suit-Sandal Combo


Through this tailored ensemble, you can never go wrong. Thanks to its perfect combination of trendy and suave, matching formal suits for men and sandals are all the rage in the business casual segment! The key takeaway here is the comfort that comes with either part of this men’s formal fashion wear ensemble.

White tie


The most formal ensemble for men in the spectrum. With this, you’ll be wearing a top hat and a boutonniere, along with a bowtie and suit.

Black tie optional


A staple in men’s formal dress code, this is the go-to for most important functions. A suit, a cotton formal shirt for men, and a simple black tie never go out of style!

Business (casual)


There’s a fine line that divides these two men’s fashion styles. The former includes a tie, while the latter is more about men’s blazers and snazzy belts.
Dress down below this and you’re entering the territory of men’s casual wear. So now that we’ve put the current state of formal apparel for men into perspective, let’s take a look at the upcoming trends in formal wear for men that are set to take the world by storm.

Fantastic Formal Trends

 Three-piece suits


A timeless classic of formal wear for men, three-piece suits never go out of style. The changes in this department of men’s clothing have been subtle. The impact they have on perception, however, is truly profound. Of late, satin inserts have been making waves in this segment of men’s clothing, owing to the added comfort that they bring to the table. A quality three-piece suit for men is a must-have for every gent’s wardrobe!

Brogue Shoes


Knowing the right shoes to pick for the perfect formal ensemble for men is a whole different ball game. However, you can’t go wrong with a trusty pair of Brogue shoes. They also come in different cuts, such as semi and quarter brogues. Minimal laces are also rising up the ranks as popular options in the men’s fashion circuit. .


Tennis Sneakers


Though still controversial, recent trends have shown that sneakers can be paired with formal dresses for men with finesse. What makes the difference is the texture and color of the trainers. With rich hues such as brown and black shades, tennis sneakers can round out your ensemble with elan.

Signature Blazers


The epitome of business casual, these articles of men’s clothing are renowned for their sleek looks and versatility in fashion. With a sharp blazer, you can accessorize accordingly to make heads turn wherever you go, with the latest suits for men.

Dress Shirts


These articles of clothing have always been formal. Now, they’re shaping up to emphasize comfort and a little more diversity in terms of the color palette. No wonder, then, that they’re quickly gaining traction as one of the popular picks in formal wear for men. The versatility that they offer makes them a trusty addition to any man’s wardrobe, whether on their own or with suits. Get your shirts from Venfield today!


2021 Trends


If you look at all the above entries, you’ll notice a common theme among them. Any guesses? Well, it’s all about the factor of comfort and versatility. To be specific:

  •  The rigid notion of men’s formals is slowly moving towards incorporating sportswear and athleisure.
  • This paradigm shift has allowed the fashion segment to diversify and present more options that are better suited to individual styles.
  • In that regard, the next big thing in men’s formal wear in 2020 is most certainly the vibe of comfort meets style.

This change is becoming more pronounced as decadent trends like pre-made bowties are being phased out slowly.

The Verdict 

 There’s a sea change poised to occur during the advent of the new decade in formal wear for men. The question is, how will YOU adapt to these changes and switch up your wardrobe next year? Tell us your formal style choices in the comments below!

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