Know Your T-Shirts : A Comprehensive Guide for Men

"Fashions fade, style is eternal."

A style that has seen the test of time in fashion is the one built on comfort. When you highlight your style statement with a classic t-shirt that reflects your personality, you are bound to be noticed.

Since t-shirts come in different fits and sizes, it is extremely important that a person makes their selection on the basis of their physique qnd personality. It is ultimately all about comfort and wearing a piece of clothing that is an extension of you.

Following some basics, while shopping will ensure that you have just the right t-shirts for appropriate occasions in your wardrobe.

The Right Fit

 The -Right -Fit

For T-shirts to work their charm of providing the comfort and look you are looking for you need to make ensure the right fight and form. An ill-fitting t-shirt ruins ensembles and can make people appear shabby.

Things to look out to find the right fit :

A well-fitted tee is where the shoulder seam sits correctly on you. While for baggy fits, you can choose to go up a size or two, but if you want the cloth to fit based on your physique, pay attention to the shoulder seam.
The length of the tee-shirt should be just below the beltline. This will ensure that it gives a cohesive look and also is comfortable to work in.
The Sleeve must either stop at the biceps or go all the way up to the wrists to avoid looking disproportionate.

The Right Fabric

The-Right -Fabric

The fabric and fit of any clothing go hand in hand to give you the best comfort. So, once you have chosen the right fit, the decision of the right fabric needs equal consideration as well Generally, one can choose from 100% Cotton, a blend of Cotton and Polyester, Linen, and Rayon.

For a fabric that is ideal for all weathers, light in nature, and has a stylish appearance, 100% cotton is the best way to go. Cotton tees are also durable, comfortable, and pair well with various bottom wears like Denim, Cotton trousers, and Linen trousers.

For athleisure and gym-appropriate preferences, fabrics that soak up the sweat like Polyester blends and other synthetic materials like Linen and Rayon would serve the purpose.

Style Choices

Style- Choices

Right from the pattern to the colour combinations, the options have become endless in T-shirts today.

It allows one to experiment, and device different looks that not only make one look good but also exhibit your personality.

A fitted tee or a Slim-fit tee allows one to flaunt their toned physique and accentuates their muscles. It is ideal when the intention is directed towards style more than anything else.

Classic Tee is the regular tee most opt for, given the comfort and evergreen nature of this apparel. If you do not want to opt for fitted tees, try different patterns or colour schemes in the Classic tee to give it an upgrade.


A good T-shirt helps the wearer blend into an event, while letting them simultaneously stand out and get noticed. Find the right tee by following the well established protocols of selection.

With Venfield's extensive collection of stylish T-shirts across fits, styles, and patterns, making the right choice has never been easier.

Manners maketh a man,
T-shirts maketh a man noticeable.

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