Guide to buy the perfect shirt for men

A well-fitted shirt can work wonders for men and give a boost to the confidence. Not only does a good-fitted mens wear enhance your persona, but it also makes you feel comfortable. Although many think it is tough to choose a perfect shirt and that it may be very costly, the truth is far from this notion. The answer to a good fit is attention to detail.

If you're someone who struggles with shopping for the perfect-fitted mens clothes, then this guide will benefit you immensely.

Pick the right size


If you're someone who shops merely by looking at the shirt in terms of 'S, M, L, and XL' sizes, then it's time to reconsider your process. When it comes to fit, the three major ones are regular, tapered, and slim.

Regular: this will fall straight with additional pleats behind for added comfort.

Tapered: this has narrow sleeves and body, and is more appealing. It does not have any back pleats.

Slim: as the name suggests, it moulds with the body. To define the waistline with more efficacy, the slim fit also has darts at the back.

Pro tip:

You must choose the shirt that fits your body closely and does not leave creases or lead to baggy folds. Too tight or too loose is a big no no for shirts.

Opt for the attest shirtings


Shirt fabrics are also called shirting's and they come in an array of variations. You must choose the fabric based on the occasion you are wearing the shirt for. Some of the types of fabrics are cotton, silk, poly-blend, weaves, and linen. Here are some pointers to help you pick the right fabric

If you are going to wear the shirt for a long period of time then choose cotton shirts as they offer good heat conduction and feel. Also high-quality shirts like cotton shirts for men from Venfield feel smooth against your body and are extremely comfortable to wear even for the whole day.

If you are going for a party, then you can choose silk shirts since they have a stunning luster.

If you are visiting a hot-weather location, then linen shirts are your best pick since they can absorb moisture sans the damp feeling. They are a substitute for pure cotton shirts for mens. Linen shirts look cool and laid-back. However, do note that they can crease easily.

If you are looking for a work-wear, then go for polyblend shirts. They are budget-friendly and do not wrinkle or stain easily. However, they are not quite breathable and susceptible to heat damage from ironing.

Know your collar


Collars come in various styles such as forward-point, spread, cutaway, button-down, widespread, band, and wing tip. Additionally, while choosing the tie's fit, it is not well-fitted if you can't insert your finger comfortably between the collar and your neck. Loose collars tend to stoop with every movement while tight ones will cause extreme discomfort.

Pro tip:

If you find it very confusing then stick to semi-spread collars. This type of collar is versatile, and works with both casual as well as formal attire. Furthermore, semi-spread collars work with all kinds of ties and suits. Semi-spread collars are the best pick for you especially if you have a long neck or a slender face.

Flaunt those cuffs

Cufflinks for men are one of the most underrated and overlooked pieces of fashion. They may not be easily visible, but it undoubtedly ups your style game hundredfold. You need to pay close attention to the positioning of the cuff too. Cuff positioning is the crux of determining sleeves' fit. Cuffs should cover your wrists' hinge bone in such a way that they extend about half an inch past your jacket's sleeves. Longer than this will make your appearance look very shabby.

Some cuffs also have a tiny button on the sleeve known as the gauntlet button, which is between the end of the cuff opening and the cuff. It stops the sleeve of the upper arm from opening and prevents exposing your wrists. They are the mark of quality-made shirts.

There are many kinds of cuffs like Button cuffs, French cuffs, and Barrel cuffs. The second type is perfect for formal events.

Pro tip:

For a daytime look, opt for classic single cuff with angled or rounded edges.

Choose patterns that suit you

Patterns have the power to add spice to your attire immensely. Make sure that the pattern matches the seriousness and vibe of the event you are attending. Here are some tips:

If you are attending a formal occasion and looking for formal dress for men, then go for solid blue or white. These are ageless and an ideal business attire.

For a casual event with close friends, you can opt for a striped or checked pattern. Don't be afraid to get creative with your selection and mix-and-match. explore various patterns that suit you and add a punch to your wardrobe.

Bright colors with floral details are perfect as a party wear dress for men. It is ideal for dinner parties, weddings, and afternoon outings.


To sum up, you need to pay attention to the size, collar, cuffs, fabric, and patterns while purchasing men outfits. Now that you know how to buy a well-fitted shirt, make sure to keep these pointers at the back of your mind everytime you go scouting for shirts!

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