Flamboyant Outfits for Your Upcoming Extravagant Indian Occasions

When people think about clothes and Indian occasions, the first thing that usually pops up in the mind is a scenario of a woman taking her own sweet time to select clothes and accessories for the day. The secret many do not know is that men are not all that different. The stereotypes surrounding men have made it difficult to express the fact openly.
So, any person, man, woman, or trans, will want to look their best on special occasions. That is one of the reasons we, at Venfield, launched a stunning collection of flamboyant shirts for men with exquisite colors made from the best fabric to help you be on top of your game no matter the time, place, or occasion!
This line of collection from Venfield is called the Contra Colors Collection Here are some examples of how to rock Venfield’s Contra Color shirts on different Indian occasions.


Traditional Indian Weddings – Grandeur in Chaos!


Describing Indian weddings as "extravagant" is nothing short of an understatement! Indians spend lakhs and even crores of rupees for a wedding that lasts just one or two days. So, you can imagine the grandeur of the whole event.
Hundreds of people of all age groups attend the wedding. So, it is only justifiable that a man would want to look strikingly sharp and festive on the day.
Venfield’s Contra Colors collection features bright colors that are certain to set you apart from the others. But that is not even the best part.
Indian weddings also come with a great many tasks. So, looking tip-top and also staying comfortable is a nightmare come true in such situations! But don't worry. The Contra Color collection shirts are made from 100% Giza Egyptian cotton with a sateen weave that makes your dream of comfort with grandeur come to life!
Of course, after 2020, getting a good shirt is not your only problem to deal with. You also have to mandatorily wear a mask at all times. Often, the mask ruins the whole deal because it simply looks awful and does not even remotely match your incredible outfit.
So, with every shirt from our hot Contra Color collection, we are throwing in a mask that not just matches the color of the shirt but also matches the intricately featured design along the seams of the shirt! How cool is that!?


Destination Weddings – Slick in a Flick


Destination weddings are a thing to die for! Imagine a pristine location, untouched by industrialization, and a beach so beautiful and clean that you could see through the blue water and unto the ocean floor! A wedding is such a location with your better half is a wonderous experience unlike any other!
Of course, a moment like this has to be captured! But let’s be honest, all pictures with you in your traditional wedding outfit are not going to cut it for a splendid photo album. You need a collection in your wardrobe that is festive yet subtle, bold yet simple, radiating yet minimalistic! Too much to ask? Well, not anymore!
So, if you want to look slick in those scenic spots the check out the Sunset Yellow Contra Color shirt or the Arctic Blue Contra Color shirt by clicking on the links.


Engagement Ceremonies – A Gift That Adds Flair!


Are you and your partner getting engaged in the traditional Indian way? Then you must be perplexed about what to gift the attendees of the ceremonies.
Unlike many other occasions, some Indian ceremonies like engagements involve the hosts gifting the attendees, usually clothes, as a token of love and appreciation. So, naturally, that is not an easy decision because you would not want to gift your guests something too cliché but also not something that is way too radical!
That’s why Venfield’s Contra Color Collection of shirts is the best option out there! With several exuberant and luxurious colors to choose from, every guest will be more than just glad to have been there for the ceremony! From the vivid Parakeet Green color to the show-stopping Brick Red color, there is one for everybody in the crowd.



By now, it is pretty obvious why Venfield’s Contra Color shirts are a must-have in your collection for festive Indian occasions.
So, what are you still reading this for? Get your choice of Contra Color shirts now!

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