Best Formal Wear Tips for Interviews

Are you panicking sitting in front of your closet wondering what outfit would help you in making good impressions during your interview? Well, worry no more! We have got you covered.
Deciding on the perfect outfit for your interview is not a piece of cake. Men's wardrobe is usually very limited, hence putting together a few staple pieces together will usually result in an ensemble perfect for an interview. But it still requires due consideration before deciding on the right outfit.
Your choice of outfit will make the very first impression even before you could show your resume and let them evaluate you based on your skills.
Here are six top tips on formal wear for interviews that could quite possibly bag you the job!

Tip 1: Keeping it Neat

Keeping it Neat

There might be the occasional blunders of over-accessorizing your outfit. It will not be the most preferred choice for an interview, which will require you to dress up more professionally!
A more clean-cut and neater look, with minimal accessories such as a tie or cufflinks, will sit well for an interview. Adding too many accessories like pocket squares, ties, cufflinks, etc., will be too attention-grabbing.
A minimalistic and subtler approach to your outfits will do a great deal in fulfilling the brief, that is, keeping it professional and sophisticated.

Tip 2: Say 'No' to Bold Colorsccc

Say 'No' to Bold Colors

Refrain yourself from moving towards any bold or bright coloured outfit, as it will only succeed in distracting the interviewer. Rather embolden yourself, and keep your outfit monotonous by opting for neutral tones.
A smart-casual or semi-formal look is considered most appropriate for an interview. Any outfit, which breaches the smart- formal look, might not seem too professional or appropriate for the environment.
Some recommended colours that could choose would be powder blue, subtle shades of pinks and yellows. Interviews are not the most ideal opportunity for experimenting with your outfits. Sticking to the basics will allow the chance to make a fashionable impression on the interviewers.

Tip 3: Follow 'Suit'

Follow 'Suit'

Suits are a classic option for any formal event, and it will be the most perfect option for an interview attire! Wearing a suit will help you in getting that clear-cut silhouette, and will paint a more elegant and sophisticated image in the minds of the interviewers.
A slim-fit suit or a tailored fit will help in achieving that dapper effect and leave a more fashionable impression. But suits can sometimes give a very formal appearance, it can be toned down by wearing very light tones instead of black and navy blue, which are considered to be harsh in comparison.

Tip 4: Button-down Shirts to The Rescue!

Button-down Shirts to The Rescue


If you feel that a suit might be too dressy, then the only other option that will seem professional and appropriate for an office are dress shirts! But you must still be careful even while opting for dress shirts because anything too flashy or has too many prints and patterns on it will not leave the best of impressions.

If you are not up for button-down shirts as well, you can make a fashionable change by shifting to bamboo cotton shirts instead. Wear a solid coloured and neutral-toned bamboo shirt, which will tick all the right boxes as it is the trendiest sustainable fashion right now.
Bamboo shirts will allow you to feel fresh and dry all day, as their water-absorbing properties can drain all the excess moisture from the body. A surprising fact is that most bamboo items of clothing are far better than conventional cotton clothing, in terms of longevity and durability especially.

Tip 5: Do Not Forget Your Tie


A tie is probably that one accessory that can add a finishing touch to any formal look. Wearing a tie will allow you to add a personal touch to your outfit. At the same time, it can add a pop of colour to your otherwise minimalistic and monotonous outfit.
You can, either opt for a solid coloured tie or a more elaborate printed tie to add a touch of creativity. Accessories like pocket squares might sometimes be excessive, which is not ideal for an interview.
Ties are the perfect accessory that can complete your interview outfit. Pair it with your dress shirt or your suit, and you are all set to impress the interviewers.

Tip 6: Not the Right Time for Experiments!


Save your fashion experiments for occasions that require you to be dressed to your nines. Offices are a professional environment where decorum has to be maintained, dressed up in flashy colours, or adding too many layers will only end up disrupting your chances of making a good impression at the first sight. By sticking to wearing staple items like suits and ties will benefit you more and will help in making the right impression in an interview.
Any outfit out of the ordinary might stick out like a sore thumb, which is not something that you would want in your interview place.


More than following the new fad or trying to leave a fashionable impression during an interview, it is imperative that you feel comfortable in whatever outfit you have fashioned yourself in. With comfort comes confidence, which is the best outfit you can wear for an interview! So, check out Venfield’s bamboo cotton shirts today and see your confidence go through the roof.
Go by the basics and keep your outfit minimal, it will work wonders for you and help create a good impression in the interviewers' minds.

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